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Professional Website VS Hosted DIY Wesbsite

If your thinking you need a website or your wanting to update an older one; you may have started to look around at some other websites, perhaps checked out some of your local competition websites, or even had someone tell you about one of those places where you build a website yourself?

Maybe, you have wondered, can I make my own Website via one of those "Do It Yourself Website Builders" you have seen on TV, they make it sound easy, right!

Believe me when I say "it's not the outcome your looking for".

 It may start off fun; being creative, exploring the tutorials, showing the person looking over your shoulder how you learnt to play a video or place an image; and after viewing the so called "look at us now testimonials" of other businesses using DIY Websites. How could you not want to believe you can do it! With my ideas I will have the best website ever! Right?

It's a great attitude to have and you may actually have the great ideas and relevant computer or design ability, maybe even writing skills. Unfortunately though, as bright as you are, as much skills as you have in areas touching on Website Design, its still more than likely that the fun, creative feeling probably won't last; substituted with frustration, disappointment and even Anger! There are many pitfalls in creating your own Website, many of them already well documented.

I do want to applaud you for your effort, content and ideas, they might actually be great (hold onto those for later because a good website devloper will encourage them out of you).

Here comes the crunch!

"It's more than likely, after spending hours of your own time each day getting things happening, your ultimately left with something your not going to be satisfied with, soon after, your realising that you will likely have to get it rebuilt properly later when results you expect are not there and your monthly payments for hosting are basically for nothing as no one ever sees your website or the hard work you put in! It's for this reason."

Who said that your asking? I am right now! I am going to save your Brain and maybe even save your Business, definitely your brain!

Did you know that (insert percentage estimated here or infographic)  people that try to use a DIY Website Builder end up having their websites built professionally within just (insert time frame here or infographic).

If your now thinking about some of the reputable or up and coming website developers near you, your on the right path!

I will convince you to walk away from DIY Websites and Invest in a local Website Developer. Make a sound Business Decision now and start to Thrive with your online presence!

There are very clear, logical reasons why you should get your Website Professionally Designed and why you should avoid DIY Website Builders that will ultimately COST YOU TIME & MONEY Or Worse! You may even lose potential customers to competitors who have purpose built websites with all the benefits you will discover in this Article.


I am working hard compiling factual data to support the creation of this blog article. check back soon

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